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Exposure is critical to the success of any brand. HERO’s proprietary product placement system delivers the best, most cost-effective, worldwide exposures available anywhere!

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Product Placement with a Conscience”  – LA Times


We are frequently asked, “What is product placement?”  Our answer is very simple; it is the seamless inclusion of an identifiable brand within an entertainment propertyPlacing brands within entertainment properties is the part that requires expertise.   Directly comparable to the job of talent agent, HERO is essentially a talent agency for brands instead of people.

The next most frequently asked question is, “Is it effective?”  To answer that we defer to more objective experts. stated that, “US marketers continue to up their investment in product placement to connect with harder-to-reach, multitasking consumers who are using digital and wireless technology to consume content more often and to view advertising less frequently.” Psychology Today writes that, “Product placement can directly influence our implicit attitudes, such that our attitude toward a TV program or film becomes unknowingly associated with products placed in that TV program or film.”  This means that the brands in a viewer’s favorite shows have a much higher likelihood of becoming that viewer’s favorite brands

The logical third question is, “Why should HERO be my product placement agency?”  Your brand or service requires product placement to compete for attention in the fragmented advertising space.  With more than 20 years of product placement experience, HERO has built solid relationships with all of the major studios, most prolific production companies and key industry professionals who produce the content your customers consume. Like a first-class talent agent we work tirelessly to find the TV shows, movies, and other media that will showcase our client’s talents. Each year we collaborate with hundreds of productions to create natural integrations of our clients’ products and services. As a result our clients are regularly seen in blockbuster feature films and highly rated television programs.

We understand that marketing dollars are precious, media exposure is mandatory and creative solutions are essential to a brand’s success. Giant corporations can purchase innumerable TV commercials, but frequently, even if prime spots are purchased, viewers choose to skip past them. The best way to reach consumers is by integrating products or messages within the entertainment properties themselves. Our clients are seen repeatedly throughout entertainment media. We have delivered thousands of high profile exposures within home improvement shows, on internet-based streaming video on demand (SVOD) outlets like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Yahoo, YouTube and more, plus commercials, talk shows and game shows!

Our clients range from the some of the biggest international “stars” to the most talented newcomers.  No matter who they are we make sure each receives the red carpet treatment.  The best way to judge whether HERO is the agency for your brand is to read our clients’ testimonials.