The Wendy Williams Show (Syndicated):  Wendy Williams is a monster ranked fourth among the key demographic of women 25-54. If she keeps gifting audiences with treasures like the Rave Clutch from Glass Handbag, she is on her way to #1!

Let’s clear up one thing first; Glass Handbags are NOT made of glass. They are, however, beautiful, Italian leather luxury designer handbags. Why then are they called Glass Handbag?  Because glass is clear which means you can see through it and Glass Handbag has a patented integrated light panel system that illuminates the interior so that you can actually see inside your bag!

With handbags for all occasions (everyday, evening, fashion, business and play), HERO considers them anything but extra baggage.  In fact, any show who’s anyone has one.  Wendy Williams’, Steve Harvey’s and Let’s Make a Deal’s audiences all saw the light and viewers of scripted shows like Pretty Little Liars and Glee aren’t in the dark anymore either.  If you’re a woman and you’re reading this right now, admit it…you want one, too!