About Last Night (Sony):  Zoo York advertising gets featured exposure in the film’s EPK along with Adam Rodriguez who plays advertising executive Steven Thaler.

Skateboarding is so popular that it actually has its own clothing line!  Oh sure, Zoo York apparel can be worn for other reasons, like not being naked, but anyone wearing it may well be assumed to be a skateboarder.  Conceived by design mogul, and skateboarder, Marc Ecko, Zoo York has a wide range of casual, utilitarian looks for men, women, and youths that fuse authentic military-influenced overtones with iconic imagery to capture the raw essence of NYC.

HERO has had to be pretty vigilant to catch every skateboarder that rolls onto a script but so far we have done a Monster Walk* of a job!  Zoo York can be seen in all kinds of shows and films. The Amazing Spiderman, Nurse Jackie, 30 Rock and Transformers are just a few of the Yo Ho Plants* we’ve pulled off.

*skateboard trick names