MIDMEN: The Modern Man’s Guide to Surviving Midlife Crisis is a #1 Amazon best seller.

Kirkus Reviews wrote,“Ochs uses as much rudeness and as many invectives as he can muster, which he deploys here like a lion tamer’s chair and whip to prod midlife men into action. The reader will catch himself nodding his head in agreement… or unleashing a guffaw. (It is) as Ochs says, “a do-it-yourself guide to working out your own shit,” the last any midlife ordinary Joe will need.”

It also earned five stars and a Bronze Medal in the Readers Favorite competition. But you don’t care about that…

It has a super cool cover, digital files for signage, plenty of paperbacks for set dressing and lots of edgy jokes to offend a thief if it walks off the set!

Demographics:  Men and Women, 40+

Placement Tools: Posters, books, artwork, etc.

Born in 2015